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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Saturday, 01 October 2011
BLISSTOOL developed and begun serial production of metal detectors BLISSTOOL LTC64X v2i and BLISSTOOL LTC64X v3.

Therewith, metal detector BLISSTOOL LTC64X already available in four versions:
   - version 1 (LTC64X v1, LTC64X version 1);
   - version 2 (LTC64X v2, LTC64X version 2);
   - version 2i (LTC64X v2i, LTC64X version 2i);
   - version 3 (LTC64X version 3, LTC64X v3).

BLISSTOOL LTC64X version is marked on the electronic block, against the model of the metal detector.

LTC64X v1 is the standard version.

LTC64X v2 is a version specially adapted for heavy field conditions.

LTC64X v2i is an improved version of v2.

LTC64X v3 is the top version with extreme performance.

LTC64X v2 is better than v1 with that this LTC64X v2 is optimized to work on:
   - highly contaminated terrains;
   - highly mineralized terrains;
   - terrains with a high content of ore.

Of the above described terrains, LTC64X v1 also works, but LTC64X v2 is additional optimized for such terrains.

LTC64X v2i is better than v2, with that this at LTC64X v2i has improved:
   - the depth of detection;
   - the sensitivity to very small metal objects.

LTC64X v3 is better than v2i, with that this LTC64X v3 is:
   - with extreme improved depth of detection;
   - with extreme improved sensitivity to very small metal objects;
   - optimized for Gold Nugget prospecting;
   - with extended setup of the sensitivity and the behavior;
   - with capable of successfully competing with multi-period pulse induction metal detectors. In comparison with them, has a similar depth of detection, greater universality and excellent discrimination.

Which version is right for you to judge yourself according to your specific needs.

Our additional guide recommendations and clarification for you are:

1/ In terms of the depth of detection:
   - In practice, when properly adjusted, v1 and v2 have the same depth of detection;
   - v2i has better depth of detection of v1 and v2;
   - v3 has better depth of detection of v1, v2 and v2i.

2/ In terms of stability:
   - At user setup for top performance: LTC64X v2 is more stable than v1, v2i and v3;
   - At adequate user setup, according to the field conditions, all versions are equally stable.

3/ In terms of the terrain and the universality:
   - All versions are designed to be universal, ie with adequate user setup, all versions work well on any type of terrains.

In the standard package, the metal detectors are equipped with 28 cm (11") DD search coil BLISSTOOL DD28SC2, but as an optional accessory is available and 38 cm (15") DD search coil BLISSTOOL DD38SC2.

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