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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Protective cover of dust, moisture and rain BLISSTOOL PTC4R PDF Print E-mail

BLISSTOOL PTC4R is a protective cover of dust, moisture and rain of the electronic block of BLISSTOOL metal detectors, models LTC64 and LTC64X.

For this purpose, BLISSTOOL PTC4R must be put on the box with the electronic block of the metal detector.

To its repeated insertion and removal, some sides (panels) of BLISSTOOL PTC4R are assembled with Velcro tape type.

BLISSTOOL PTC4R is made from strong, flexible and waterproof materials such as leather, and transparent glass-like material that provides visibility into areas in which are available setting, indication and maintenance bodies of the metal detector.

BLISSTOOL PTC4R protects the electronic block of the metal detector from scratch, shock, dust, moisture and rain: on terrains strewn with sharp stones; on sandy terrain; on muddy terrain; in the presence of dew; when rain (drizzle) light rain; in snow conditions; when it rains little snow.

Before insertion of the protective cover BLISSTOOL PTC4R on the box with the electronic block, the user must to set the metal detector to the respective terrain. This is necessary because with fitted protective cover, the user does not have direct access to the potentiometers and the switches to adjust the metal detector.

On the front panel of BLISSTOOL PTC4R, is available hole with cap, which ensures access to the potentiometer VOLUME, to turn-on and to turn-off the metal detector and to set the desired from the user audio volume, without the need of removing the protective cover.

On the back panel of BLISSTOOL PTC4R are available: a hole for plug to connector COIL of the jack of the search coil; a hole with cap for plug to connector PHONES of the jack of the headphones (if the user use any); a hole with cap through which is heard the sound from the loudspeaker.

The putting of BLISSTOOL PTC4R on the box with the electronic block of the metal detector, is made by pulled of the protective cover in the direction from the front to the back panel of the electronic block. For this purpose, BLISSTOOL PTC4R must be in disassembled condition, ie its Velcro tape type, by which are connected its various sides (panels), must be posted in advance.


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