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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Adapter to charge from car BLISSTOOL CL12V2 PDF Print E-mail

BLISSTOOL CL12V2 is an adapter that allows the built LiPo battery of BLISSTOOL metal detectors, models LTC64 and LTC64X, to be charged by power from the car using a standard 12V car cigarette lighter connector.

To this end:

1/ The input of BLISSTOOL CL12V2 must be included into a standard 12V car cigarette lighter connector, available in each car, and its output includes to the input of the automatic LiPo battery charger, available in the standard package of the metal detector, which provided its the necessary power to charge a LiPo battery;

2/ The output of automatic LiPo battery charger, through available in the standard package of the metal detector, cable adapter, must be included into the connector CHARGE available on the back panel of the electronic block of the metal detector.

Through the use of BLISSTOOL CL12V2, is eliminated the need to use of standard ~220V/DC12V power adapter, used for charging of the LiPo battery through ~220V network, and are achieve greater autonomy at work with the metal detector.

In some models cars, to ensure the power supply through 12V car cigarette lighter connector, the cars need to be "of contact". In the presence of power, the green LED of BLISSTOOL CL12V2 lights permanently.

BLISSTOOL CL12V2 has a cable with 2 meters length, which allows in charge, the automatic LiPo battery charger and the metal detector to be located in a safe and comfortable place in the car. The charging can be done and during working car engine and during movement of the car.


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