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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

External power module BLISSTOOL EBP01B PDF Print E-mail

BLISSTOOL EBP01B is an external power module whereby the battery of BLISSTOOL LTC48X is exported outside from the metal detector to reduce it weight (from 230 to 330 grams depending on battery). For this purpose, the standard built-in metal detector battery is removed from its power supply module and placed in BLISSTOOL EBP01B. Connecting the battery to it is via a standard 6F22 battery connector. Opening and closing takes place through the zipper.

Compatible is with any battery available for BLISSTOOL LTC48X: NiMH 12V, 2500mAh; NiMH 12V, 2200mAh, Low Self Discharge; NiMH 12V, 1300mAh; Alkaline battery 15V; regardless of their configuration: Solid package or Demountable package.

It is built on light and robust box with sleek design. It has a metal clip type carbine for attachment to a belt and an adjustable strap to wear over the shoulder or waist. Strap is attached to the box through metal ears and claws.

Attaches to the metal detector through stretch and spiral wound flexible power cable and power jack which is included in the connector that lies on the front panel of the power supply module (connector for inclusion of the automatic battery charger).

Power cable has a compact length of 30cm in normal position and a maximum length of about 160cm at a maximum stretched position.

If necessary, the battery can be recharged without removing from it, thanks to the the connector for inclusion of the automatic battery charger which it has.

In addition it can be used for back-up power. For this purpose, if built in metal detector battery exhaust, through it can be powered by another charged battery (available in BLISSTOOL EBP01B).



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